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End User License Agreement // 最终用户协议 // 最終用戶協議

Definition // 定义 // 定義

This Mobile Application includes, but is not limited to, SchoolPower and its affiliated services from first-party channels, third-party channels, or compiled by yourself.

该移动应用程序指包括但不限于您从第一方渠道、第三方渠道或自己编译得到的 SchoolPower 以及其附属服务。

該移動應用程式指包括但不限於您從第一方渠道、第三方渠道或自己編譯得到的 SchoolPower 以及其附屬服務。

Disclaimer // 免责 // 免責

This Mobile Application is provided "as is" without making any representations or warranties. This Mobile Application does not guarantee the completeness and correctness of its contents. Please use it only for reference. This Mobile Application does not assume any responsibility for the use of This Mobile Application to cause your account to be locked or other exceptions.



This Mobile Application is a third-party client, and is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by PowerSchool Group LLC or its affiliates.

该移动应用程序为第三方客户端,未经 PowerSchool Group LLC 或其附属公司的认可,赞助,附属或以其他任何方式授权。

該移動應用程式為第三方客戶端,未經 PowerSchool Group LLC 或其附屬公司的認可,贊助,附屬或以其他任何方式授權。

Privacy // 隐私 // 隱私

You agree that This Mobile Application will record and permanently store the Username, the Operating System Information, and the application's version you use and use it for statistical, analytical or other purposes.